Vision. Mission. Aims.

Does what it says on the tin.

I personally don’t find hope and inspiration in simply trying to prevent suffering in the world, as important as that is.

In my experience, that will only get you so far and you are at risk of burning out or becoming cynical if you go through a particularly challenging patch.

We need a myth for our personal and effective efforts that’s based on building a positive vision that we can all believe in.

There will always be problems to solve, so let’s focus on creating the long-term conditions needed to address them across generations.

Many of us aren’t taught how to develop and make the most of our talents. Quite the opposite in fact.

Or we’re so caught up in other people’s problems that we don’t take care of our own needs and desires. Some of the most capable women I know are unconscious of or embarrassed about the unhelpful habits they’re stuck in.

This can prevent us from having the long-term impact that we could.

And it stops us from being happy. It’s ok to just want to be happy and well.

It’s really important that women are getting paid for the results they are getting. Often they and other people undervalue this.

It’s not magic! Some time, effort and willingness to try out new approaches is all that you need.

When I began my career I was all inspired and shiny. Then I started really understanding the extent of the sh*t we find ourselves in.

We are going to need to dig deep to access more robust inner resources, so we are less dependent on what’s going on around us.

How you relate to yourself and others has a massive effect on your ability to influence positive change in the world.

First we must become aware of how our thoughts, speech and behaviour can undermine our good intentions. Then we can work on changing them. This takes time, effort, humility, a good dose of humour and support from other people.

We must stop seeing our own wellbeing and happiness as secondary to other people’s. We can’t keep giving over the long-term if we’re exhausted or uninspired.

Financial abundance is an essential part of this. Many women are not getting paid what they are really worth and this is (1) unfair and (2) undermining their ability to create supportive conditions for their work.

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