How to nurture emergent women leaders

Unlock potential to achieve greater impact

You work for a results-focused, value-driven and people-oriented organisation.

You genuinely enjoy managing others so you can create a transformational level of impact that wouldn’t be possible without all these brilliant minds collaborating.

And you love seeing your team members grow and flourish as they take on each new challenge.

So you don’t need convincing that having competent women excelling at all levels of seniority is absolutely essential to your organisation’s success, and to your own fulfillment in your role.

But are you creating a culture and staff development approach that nurtures emergent women leaders?

It’s time for nice managers to go beyond good intentions.

What’s the problem?

If you aren’t aware of and have a strategy to help overcome key mindset and communication challenges, you could be missing out on a heap of talent being unleashed…

Have you worked with or managed a woman who has…

  • Left her role for a better paid job elsewhere, without you knowing she wanted a pay rise?

  • Kept saying “Yes” to taking on work but seemed frequently stressed; working overtime, even though you told her she doesn’t need to?

  • Suddenly got very upset about issues you weren’t even aware of?

  • Got caught in blame spirals, focusing on external challenges and found it difficult to proactively identify solutions?

  • Struggled to come up with clear career development plans during her appraisal?

  • Stayed quiet in team meetings and didn’t offer her opinion, when you knew she was a real expert on the subject?

  • Is mainly doing “behind the scenes” work, but you’ve got a feeling she would be amazing in a more public, outspoken role?

There’s a good chance she was struggling with people-pleasing, limiting self-beliefs and unhelpful communication patterns.

Even the most capable women might be unconscious or embarrassed about these.

What can you do?

While it’s ultimately only the individuals themselves who can change this, the culture and conversations you have at work have a major impact on how quickly and effectively this happens.

Here’s just a few of the key ingredients you need…

  • Understand how people pleasing, fear, self-doubt and disempowered communication dynamics affect women at work and the results they can achieve

  • Identify how these might show up in different situations. This includes interviews, line management and team meetings, appraisals, salary negotiations, and day-to-day tasks

  • Consider how power dynamics between staff can influence this behavior for better or worse. How you perceive yourself might not be the same as how others do - effectively get an honest opinion on this

  • Learn key “Dos” and “Don’ts” for supporting growth - avoid making common but understandable mistakes that have unintended consequences

  • Train yourself in more helpful communication skills, so you can draw on the right tools at the right time. It’s like learning a new language - understanding isn’t enough

  • Proactively provide opportunities for women to receive training on how to break free from their own limiting self-beliefs and communication habits

  • Create a genuinely trusting environment for women to give feedback about how they want to be better supported and whether changes are having the desired effect

How can I help you?

If you would like support to understand where you and your organisation are at, and what you can do to improve, contact me today for a free consultation.

No string attached. 100% of the call will be problem-solving your situation - by the end you will have three high impact actions you can start implementing straight away.

If we think we would like to work with each other, I will then send you details of further opportunities for individuals, your team and organisation, for us to discuss in another call.

Email me today at:

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