The Liberated Heart

Pursue your heart-felt goals with clarity, conviction and courage - free from stories that hold you back.

The Content

We’ll creatively engage with five different aspects of ourselves that can either help or hinder our growth. These are the…

  • People Pleaser

  • Inner Critic

  • External Critic

  • Inner Guide

  • Liberated Heart

We will have three weeks on each. The first will help you discover how the trend expresses uniquely for you. The second and third will provide practices to transform and work with them in your daily life. I will give you simple reflection, meditation and communication exercises to try out during the week.

How to access

Subscribe to my mailing list, if you haven’t already. You’ll then get access to back issues (we started in November but there’s no “getting behind”) and start receiving new content each Saturday.

Join the community

Sure you can try the material out on your own, but it will be much more enjoyable and effective with other women on the same journey! Details in the welcome email.

Subscribe to The Liberated Heart (and my mailing list)

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Hear from other women

"[My inner Guide was a] calming, peaceful presence who said that love mattered most"

"Intuition is easier to access than I thought!"

"I found talking to another person as your inner self was a very new, interesting concept for me…like someone was giving me real attention and love so I will definitely try this again."

"Visualising the conversation I need to have before having it was really useful - I will try this further and then try to have the courage to have the conversation!"

"I’m going to focus on the breathing [technique] to help me, and recognise my [inner] critic when they are pestering me"

"When listening to meditations you are often reminded to breath into the belly but not as far as pelvic floor…that’s a deeper feeling of relaxing for me"

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