It’s not what I do that matters most, but the results that you get.

Here’s what other women have to say about training with me.

I found our telephone chat very useful Aryanisha, in particular for the shift it made in how much I felt able to charge for my workshops. The points you made about the message I give to people when I undercharge rang true. The finance aspect wasn’t something that drew me to The Liberated Heart originally but I can see earning more money will enable me to bring more adventure into my life in the future and that charging low rates is linked to my low confidence.

I need to marry my desire to be affordable with not devaluing myself.

…I’m very happy with what I’ve gained so far [from The Liberated Heart] and am enjoying the journey!

I’ve learned that I can feel overwhelmed sometimes by self-doubt, particularly my capabilities at work, as my brain doesn’t work in quite the same, sharp way as it did before - brain fog, some concentration and memory issues can feel like a brick wall ahead with no door.. or one that I need to find.

My inner critic can really beat me up about not being the capable, multitasking person I was from several years ago. They can whisper doubt in my ear…I need to tell them to rejoice in who I am now, how far I have come.

I am noticing a growing confidence in my self belief. This has been something I’ve been focusing on for a number of years. But your reminders to look at ourselves more closely has allowed me to see progress. I’ve been consciously slowing down as well since I started The Liberated Heart course so I can see things more clearly.

It’s good to be able to look inside and pinpoint your inner critic telling you what you can and can’t do. Warning you to stay safe by staying away from danger. And one way my inner critic does that for me, I am realising, is by ‘othering’ other people.

Retreat retreat she says! Unfriendly fire coming your way! So quickly enemies can become allies of course.

I’m really slowing down to listen to my inner guide over what decisions I want to make as well. And listening to my body too. If my body contracts it’s ‘no not yet.’ Which is rather lovely and surprising because I realise I often know better than all kinds of people I admire!

I found the email revolutionary to be honest. I had never even considered the people pleaser and the perspective you offer about your own needs. I am going to be writing in my notebook and unpicking some of those traits that I recognise in myself…

Feels very tangled! But there is some clarity in there too. It's very exciting to have these aha moments, so thank you.

My takeaway from all the work we have done so far with the People Pleaser is that I really need to be aware of falling so easily into that habitual behaviour of yes, I can do, or yes I will sort it out, regardless of the effect on my well-being.

I need to listen more to my Inner Guide, that wise person who so often whispers in my ear before I gallop away regardless .. she is my first impulse that I can easily ignore.


Break free from self-doubt and communication habits that stop you from having the impact you really could. Find a deeper inspiration to drive you forward.

Because we need you with us if we’re really going to make a difference.

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