Client testimonials

"Taking the time to talk about these things outside of the 'day to day action mode' feels positive"

"Main learning: Shining the light on unhelpful patterns of communicating that I definitely do but hadn’t been able to name before"

"It was my first day back at work after being off for a week.. so i could feel tension building every time I thought of things I needed to do and opened up the emails so that was the perfect breathing space after lunchtime to balance out perspective. Thank you so much :)"

"I love your energy in leading these sessions! It oooozes through the screen."

"Main takeaway - The breath being a mirror and a doorway... this tool for insights, reflective and opening. I loved the symbolism here."

“I’ve learned that I can feel overwhelmed sometimes by self-doubt, particularly my capabilities at work…

My inner critic can really beat me up…I need to tell them to rejoice in who I am now, how far I have come.”

“I had never even considered the People Pleaser and the perspective you offer about your own needs.

It's very exciting to have these aha moments, so thank you.

“I am noticing a growing confidence in my self belief. This has been something I’ve been focusing on for a number of years. But your reminders to look at ourselves more closely has allowed me to see progress.

It’s good to be able to look inside and pinpoint your inner critic telling you what you can and can’t do. Warning you to stay safe by staying away from danger. And one way my inner critic does that for me, I am realising, is by ‘othering’ other people.”

“My takeaway from all the work we have done so far with the People Pleaser is that I really need to be aware of falling so easily into that habitual behaviour of yes, I can do, or yes I will sort it out, regardless of the effect on my well-being.”

“Visualising the conversation I need to have before having it was really useful”

“What was most helpful for me: Creating a clear action plan of what to do next - Encouraging me to email (a senior member of the organisation) -  Being able to discuss my strengths and how to identify them”

"Have loved the exercises - taking real action here + now was unexpected and liberating!"

"The glorious goals: Really liked these and much better than SMART"

"Really nice little brainstorming session at the end, and need to finish up with contact / researching people - good bits to think about on imagination! Thanks Aryanisha"

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