Live the life you really want……

Journey to the Deep

Cast off the tired stories of who you are and what you think you should be doing

Join me and a community of other courageous, committed women as we all take the plunge to place our vision and values at the heart of our career and life decisions

Dates to be announced - email to enquire

Are you ready to break free from learnt habits that are holding you back from the life of your dreams? Whether you just want to make some small changes or are ready to take a big step.

Do you want to learn techniques to develop greater clarity, courage and more effective communication skills to help you move forward?

Over 20 hours of live coaching input online.

With a special opportunity to be led through a weekend online retreat. You can choose to do this at home or somewhere special, with a wifi connection so you can join in.

1. Leaving the shore and descending to the depths (W

How can we help our distracted, fragmented minds to settle for long enough so that we can drop beneath the surface froth to a steadier, more grounded place in ourselves? What resources do we have, inner and outer, that we can draw on for our journey together? What habits and ways of relating to ourselves and others do we need to let go of and how can we support that?

2. Treasures and Tentacles (Guided Weekend Retreat)

How do we work out what we want and access the energy and inspiration we need to really get behind that vision? Can we contact an inner guide that we can call upon whenever we need her? What deeper, more entrenched fears might we have lurking in the shadows that are holding us back? How can we begin to free ourselves from these?

3. Returning home, transformed

What happens when we start making changes - small or big - and communicate with others about what we want for our lives? How can we use difficulties that arise as opportunities for greater clarity, courage and connection with our own wishes and those of other people? How can we draw on inner and outer resources to keep moving forward?

The magic of myth

Ever since humans have been humans we have been telling stories, weaving narratives together to make sense of our inner and outer worlds. Myths have power: the power to inspire and move us into action, or to scare us and keep us trapped.

Without realising it, we move through our lives caught in a net of collective and individual stories: “I’m not good enough yet to lead on this amazing project idea I have”, “One day I’ll buy that bit of land and live more simply, but not yet, maybe in 10 years”.

Women have inherited a particular set of stories about our place and potential. If we are not careful, we will spend our days and nights dreaming of a life that we never create, never realise and one day, when it is too late, we will wonder “if only….”.

For the women on Journey to the Deep, this ends now. Together we will create and immerse ourselves in a new myth: one of courage, community, self-leadership, moving forward from a more intuitive, heart-felt knowledge of the direction we must take.

Whether you need or want to make simple or radical changes in your life, this myth will help guide you along the way.


Guided exercises to practice at our own pace during and after the courses, with downloadable handouts

Insight into my own journey to the deep this year and Q&A opportunities to learn more about my own approach

Invitation to take place on future sessions at no extra charge


What if I can’t make one of the calls?

If you need to skip one of the Sunday night calls, a recording will be posted within 24 hours.

Can you tell me more about the retreat?

The heart of our programme! I will lead you through a weekend of solitude and reflection, giving you the space to really come home to yourself and what you want for your life.

Starts 8pm Friday night, finishes 9pm Sunday. Input via short sessions on Zoom and you’ll be “unplugged” most of the time. More details below. Pre-recorded option available if you are in a very different timezone from the UK or are a caregiver.

You will have some periods of input from me live via Zoom webinars (with you off camera), to set you up for different parts of the day. These won’t involve you looking at the screen all the time - we’ll be meditating, writing etc. as well. Most of the weekend will be “unplugged”, with exercises from me to guide you through the process.

There will be enough space for you to make nourishing meals, exercise, potter about, or whatever you like to do in your down time. If you’re anything like me, the idea of being “online“ all weekend sounds awful - so it will very much NOT be that!

The retreat is suitable for all levels of meditation experience - including complete newcomers. The short practices will help us to drop down from our busy, pre-occupied minds into our hearts and bodies, where we can find a deeper, more grounded wisdom.

You could do the retreat from a different, quiet location away from home (with an internet connection) to help step out of our habitual ways of being and thinking. Or you can do it where you live, and ask anyone you’re sharing with to help you have a quiet weekend without minimal disruption.

I would also suggest you take some or all of Monday off work if you can. This will help you make the most of our time together, so you don’t need to squeeze in doing the washing and things like that around the sessions, and have more time to absorb the experience.

What’s the draft retreat schedule?


8-9.15pm: Opening session

Saturday and Sunday

8-9am: Guided meditation session

11-12.15am: Meditation, input and reflection/practice session

4-5.15pm: Meditation, input and reflection/practice session

8-9pm: Evening session

My timezone is quite different to the UK Can I still join in the retreat?

If you’re joining from a timezone that is quite different to the UK (like the US) there is an option for me to send you a pre-recorded version of the exercises so you can follow the same flow of the day. You can let me know when you register.

I’m a caregiver and not sure how much I can participate in the retreat weekend. Can I still join?

I’ve ran a weekly drop-in session for carers for over 18 months now, and work with many parents, so I’m used to adapting my sessions. You can let me know when you register. You won’t be on camera on the retreat, so if you do need to respond to anyone you’re caring for, you can do that and I’ll make sure you have all the exercises/materials you will need so you won’t miss out.

Can I get 1:1 support or coaching?

I take on a limited number of clients at certain periods in the year. You can contact me for more info and to be added to my waiting list.

Please note that I do not offer therapy or counselling within my courses, workshops or 1:1 sessions - they are for educational and personal growth purposes only.

My approach is informed by my own personal and professional experience encountering mental health challenges. I encourage all women participating to keep checking in with what they need, and seek support from a qualified Counsellor or Psychotherapist if needed for overwhelming emotions. I’ve been there too - suffering from periods of acute anxiety and panic attacks, as well as burn out - and I know how important it is to get help from the right people.

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