Inner Guide work

No nonsense approaches to discovering what you really want

It’s not enough to know what you don’t want. But how are you meant to know what you do?

It’s time to go deeper with our Inner Guide work.

This has the potential to be a complete game changer if you are…

  • bored

  • lost

  • uninspired

  • frustrated

  • stuck

  • overwhelmed

  • plateauing

  • standing at a crossroads

  • hitting a wall

Or just got that feeling there could be “more” to life than your work is currently providing…

(Have you mapped out the true cost of your People Pleaser and Inner Critic? This article can help)

Connecting with and becoming more aligned with your Inner Guide will turbo charge your ability to be a powerful force for good in the world. For the long term.

She’ll help you navigate through turbulent times and stay resourced and well. Martyrdom, burnout and sacrifice aren’t compatible with our Inner Guide. The wellbeing of ourselves and others is not separate for her. She gives from a place of inner abundance.

You just need to be open to giving things a go and see what results it gets in your own life and career - for yourself and the people you help.

Are you up for that?

This article covers

  • Who is your Inner Guide?

  • Three ways to contact your Inner Guide

Who is your Inner Guide?

It’s important not to get too literal and pernickety here. Just like our People Pleaser and Inner Critic, talking about an Inner Guide is a way of looking at a set of views, behaviours and practices SO THAT we can grow. It’s a method not an end in itself. We’ll all have a different take on it depending on our personality, upbringing, spiritual views etc.

To give us a shared language, let’s say that our Inner Guide points to our deeper vision, values and priorities.

We can talk about her as a her (or any gender!), because it’s helpful, not because you have some literal Guide inside you.

You could think of her as the furthest point on the horizon that you can see. The wisest, most compassionate version of yourself that you can access at this stage in your life.

This bigger, deeper, higher perspective of our Inner Guide is within easy reach.

Contacting her is surprisingly easy.

But she’s not our highest potential, as we just can’t imagine that from where we are standing now. This is a really important point because we don’t want to limit ourselves based on where we are now in our growth - when we’re still held back by our People Pleaser, Inner Critic and so on.

And to be honest I wouldn’t find it very inspiring to just become the best version of me I can imagine today. The idea that I could completely transform myself beyond my wildest expectations does get me interested though! That feels like an adventure worth having - what kind of impact could I have then?

She’s also not something just for “spiritual” people. If the language of Inner Guide feels a bit woo-woo for you, choose something else. Your core values and what you stand for. Your inner compass. Whatever. I really don’t care just as long as it works for you.

I’ve worked for social-impact focused organizations for the whole of my career. They all have vision and values that you could say articulate the individual or collective Inner Guide of those who came up with them - even the most corporate ones.

Three ways to contact your Inner Guide

Here’s some things you can try out. I’ve given a few options to suit different temperaments…

Just give it a go and then come share in our Facebook Group. That can be a very powerful way of integrating your Inner Guide more fully into your life.

1. Inner Guide visualisation and reflection practice

Access on YouTube

30 minutes long. Sit or lie down somewhere quiet and comfy. Give it a go even if you think "I can't meditate". Don't let your Inner Critic hold you back from a new experience that could change your life.

2. Reflection questions

Here are some brilliant questions that I worked through as part of my personal branding process over the last 18 months.

When I accepted that I needed to understand marketing in order to serve you through this business, I felt a bit icky. I associated marketing with unhealthy consumerism and selling people stuff they don’t need. Personal branding just felt a bit exposing and self-centred (hello Inner Critic).

It’s turned out to be a very helpful process that I would recommend whether or not you run your own business. You discover a lot about yourself that is a great start to reviewing what you want from your work.

These are taken / adapted from Thinkific.

What are you passionate about?

What are some of your most important core values? What do you believe in? What do you stand for? What do you stand against?

What do you want to be known for? If you became known as the world’s go-to expert on XYZ topic, what would that be?

If you could only give one piece of advice, what would it be?

3. Accessing your childhood wisdom

Sometimes older doesn’t mean wiser!

Kids can have an amazing perspective on life - cutting through all unhelpful conditioning we might have acquired growing up.

What mattered most to you as a child? What brought you joy and pleasure that you may be neglecting as an adult?

What advice would your six or eight year old self give you about your day-to-day work and broader career path in 2023?

What would she tell you to focus on, what would she tell you to let go of?

How would she want to be helping the world and what qualities would she bring to that?

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