My Ordination

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Find me at Buddhafield Festival

12-16 July 2023

I’ll be with an amazing, friendly team running the Dharma Parlour - the Buddhist hub of the festival with talks, meditation and workshops.

As well as teaching and welcoming you to the space, I’ll be holding a candlelit Moon Goddess ritual, dedicated to White Tara - everyone welcome, including complete newcomers to Buddhism. See you there!

On Tuesday 4th May 2021, I joined the Triratna Buddhist Order after six years of intensive training.

I was given the name Aryanisha by my good friend and Private Preceptor , Vajratara.

It sounds like “Aah-ree-uh-nee-shuh” and means “She whose dream is of the Noble Ones” - the Noble Ones being all Enlightened beings.

I really don’t mind if it takes you some time to say it right, as I don’t shorten it at all.

I have drawn many ideas and methods from all of the classes, retreats, courses and workshops I have participated in or led during and since this period.

Here is a little glimpse into this central aspect of my life. Scroll down to watch some of the talks I have given over the last year. Plus, if you are interested, links to websites for finding a centre/group near you and places to go on residential retreats around the world.

Landing back after Ordination

Discover how I felt just a few weeks after taking such a huge step in my life. What is it all about? (sound and audio is a little sketchy)

Enlightenment: Vast, unknowable, ungraspable

Find out how stories, poetry and symbol can help us move closer towards our full potential.

A talk by me as part of Brixton Buddhist Community, London.

Change your mind, Change the world

The world is on fire. There's a great deal of suffering in our own experience and in the world around us - our families and friends, our communities, and in far-off places that flash across our screens. So what can we do?

A six-class series I gave during lockdown last year, prior to my Ordination, as part of Brixton Buddhist Community.


Explore The Buddhist Centre Online.

You can find your nearest Triratna Buddhist Centre or Group.

Fancy a residential retreat?

Check out

This is how I first ended up learning to meditate and discovering Buddhism, just after I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2011. I went on my first hillwalking and introduction to Buddhism and meditation retreat at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, Scotland.

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