We all have one precious life.

Are you using it in the most authentic, fulfilling and powerful way possible?


Do you want to transform the barriers stopping you from living your deepest vision and values?

Hi, my name is Aryanisha.

(Aah-ree-ah-nee-sha - read my “Buddhism” page for background to my name and ordination)

I help amazing women access and live by their deepest vision, values and potential.

In the words of my own coach, I help you find and stay true to what “makes your soul sing”.

I run workshops, courses and retreats that blend meditation, reflection, coaching approaches, communication skills training, and a bunch of creative tools to engage our imagination. These work together to support rapid shifts in our perspectives and behaviour. We’ve got no time to lose!

Welcome to my website.

Everything you’ll find here has been tested in my own life and with other women I work with in varying contexts.

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Inspiration in my headphones right now

For me, this year is all about harnessing a grounded, visceral strength. A strength that gives me the energy and determination to keep facing the violence, exploitation and discrimination we see in our communities across the world.

Lately, I dance to Beyonce’s songs of power and raw emotion most days. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but then neither am I! I love the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in this one, that point out the learnt, conditioned nature of our habits. We need to recognise them and learn new ones:

“We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller”

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