Unlock your potential as a powerful force for good in a career that you love.

And get paid what you’re really worth.

The Liberated Heart resources will show you how.

I train women in life-changing techniques to help them emerge as effective leaders. My holistic approach to mindset, communication and nervous system shifts supports them to..

1. Discover what drives them at the deepest level so they can sustain their energy and influence, whatever life throws their way

2. Break free from unhelpful self-views and communication dynamics that prevent them from having the impact that the world desperately needs

3. Secure an income that reflects the true value of their expertise, so they can ensure their own wellbeing and give sustainably long-term

You are likely asking yourself these kind of questions:

  1. How do I discover what I really want to do with my career?

  2. How can I get over my fear of saying no, so I can focus on doing what I’m brilliant at?

  3. What’s the best way to handle challenging communication?

  4. How do I stop sabotaging my dreams with self-doubt and criticism?

  5. What should I do if I’m feeling overwhelmed and close to burning out?

  6. How do I find my inspiration and motivation again?

  7. How do I overcome my doubt and anxiety to ask for more money or a promotion?

  8. Is there a way to feel more confident and capable when outside my comfort zone?

  9. I’m feeling vague, stuck, anxious or frustrated about my future. Who can help?

  10. How do I become the person who can help my own team to answer these questions too and reach their potential?

Access The Liberated Heart free resource library

Discover five different aspects of yourself that can either help or hinder your growth. These are the…

  • People Pleaser

  • Inner Critic

  • External Critic

  • Inner Guide

  • Liberated Heart

You will learn simple reflection, meditation and communication practices that can help you transform your career.

Join my community of passionate women who know they can’t effectively serve others without taking care of their own needs and desires.

Book a free 1 hour consultation to help clarify your direction, pinpoint the main mindset obstacle holding you back and identify three high impact actions you can take right now to move forward.

Break free from self-doubt and communication habits that stop you from having the impact you really could. Find a deeper inspiration to drive you forward.

Because we need you with us if we’re really going to make a difference.

The Liberated Heart resource library will show you how.

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