I help smart, passionate people have a more powerful impact, without burning out on their mission to change the world.

The Power Triangle one-pager will show you how.

Move from silently struggling to confidently problem-solving, building stronger relationships and achieving outstanding results.

The first 10-15 years after graduating are a whirlwind -  full of adventure, freedom and discovering who you are and what you want.

But for passionate, “can-do” team players,  who aspire to have a significant impact on the critical social and environmental issues of our times, this period can range from a bit overwhelming to outright hell.

Although having a lot of responsibility and room to excel quickly is incredible, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Anxiety, acute health problems and exhaustion are very common, but often hidden until crisis point out of fear of failure and its consequences.

This can hit other staff hard.

If someone is unable to deliver important work as promised, suddenly goes off sick or quits with a short notice period, this may put a lot of pressure on other team members to fill the gap.

And of course people are concerned about their colleagues and what’s contributing to their struggles.

This can all seriously affect morale and potentially be financially and reputationally costly.

Even as an ethical, understanding senior manager, it’s incredibly difficult to help if you don’t realise there’s a problem until it’s too late.

You might lack the knowledge, skills and experience to spot the signs early and create honest relationships that also acknowledge the reality of the power dynamic you’re in.

After all  - whether this person passes their probation, secures their salary increase or gets promoted is at least partly your decision. They may understandably find it difficult to talk to you, no matter how nice you are.

A healthier, more effective way of working together is possible. Simple perspectives and techniques can lead to long-lasting behaviour change that helps everyone.

The signficant, lasting effects of this include:

  • Early identification and management of risks

  • Stronger collaboration within and between teams and external stakeholders

  • Better staff performance and retention

  • Greater impact on the problems you solve

  • Everyone being able to sleep at night because they know the working environment isn’t harming people

But many great organisations with worthy causes simply don’t offer the right training to enable this.

The Power Triangle

I teach and coach using my signature framework that addresses three key areas that are essential for significant, sustainable change.

It takes one to know one

I draw on my own experience and training as…

  • A consultant to international businesses at 23 years old

  • A project, team and programme manager

  • Openly having struggled with several cycles of burn-out

  • The first student from my school to attend the University of Cambridge - talk about a step up!

  • An experienced meditation and mindfulness teacher

  • An Ordained Buddhist following seven years of intensive training and over a decade of focused personal development

  • A  spiritual friend to many people within my Buddhist community who take their practice into professional leadership roles

Get started now

Two ways I can help you straight away, for free

A simple breathing-practice to calm anxiety, think more clearly and communicate more powerfully

I’ve taught meditation to a lot of people who work in environments that are not condusive to perfoming well sustainably.

Mindulness, meditation and relaxation practices are not a subsitute for tackling the unhelpful work cultures, and at times unethical behaviour, that contribute to stress.

But they can support us to have the difficult conversations needed and calm normal nerves about things like public speaking and going for promotion.

Identify your key needs and ask how I might be able to help

Book a free 30 minute call to chat about your situation.

Whether you’re the overwhelmed manager, or the person who manages them - I’m here to work out if we’re a good fit.

No dodgy sales tactics or pressure, I promise.

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